This website is merely an example of what I like about HTML5.
This was the business. I sorted out your IT problemos.

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What I Used To Do

IT Consultancy & 1on1 training in a nut.
Sort ya Windows, PC/Iphone/Ipad/Android/Smartwotsit, WiFi, Email, Router, Hub & Website.


Who I Used To Be

I used to be IT Guru.
Used to say "Your challenges are my delight :)
I can upgrade your network, hardware & software.
Make ya more secure.
Improve your setup..."


My Old Work

Used to say "PC Install & Upgrades - making it do what ya want as fast as ya want.
Training (1on1) - to get the best out of your gear.
Security - make you safe and up to date.
Networking - to get 'em working togevva.
Domain & Website - See"